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Who is Haliya May?

Haliya May is a dynamic and passionate self-published multi-racial woman of color contemporary romance author. Her writing journey began at the young age of 13 when she received her first traditional publishing offer. However, recognizing the importance of authentic representation, Haliya chose to self-publish to ensure her stories reflect the diverse experiences of people like herself.


Growing up in a multi-racial household where she often felt caught between worlds, Haliya understood the struggle of not seeing oneself represented in literature. This personal experience fueled her desire to create strong women of color protagonists in interracial relationships. Her works, including the popular Enamored: Kings & Queens series, are a testament to this commitment.


Works by Haliya May:

  • Enamored: Kings & Queens Series

  • The Veil Series


Haliya's storytelling is deeply personal and grounded in her experiences. She tackles all aspects of publishing herself, from writing and editing to marketing and branding, embodying the true spirit of independent authorship.

Real-Life Inspirations:

Many elements of Haliya May's stories are drawn from her real life. Her experience dealing with racial tensions with her extended family mirrors Carrie Bellerose’s struggles in Enamored with her aunt and uncle. Haliya, like Nicole in Dominated, navigated the challenges of being a single mother, marrying a different man than her son's biological father, and enduring emotional and verbal abuse from an ex-partner. The fallout between Eva and her mother in Savage Devotion, including the reasons behind their estrangement, reflects Haliya’s own experiences. The poignant reaction to her father’s death in Enamored: Volume 2 parallels Haliya’s own grief. Additionally, her upbringing with a mentally ill mother is echoed in Billie’s story in the upcoming novel Infinitely His.

Family Legacy:

Haliya is proud to be related to Jimmie Lunceford, her first cousin three times removed. Lunceford was an acclaimed American jazz alto saxophonist and bandleader during the swing era, leading a band that was considered superior to those of Duke Ellington and Count Basie. His dedication to music and pioneering role as a jazz educator inspire Haliya’s own creative journey.

Adding to her rich musical heritage, Haliya's father was one of the original members of Lakeside, the legendary funk band known for their hits in the late 70s and 80s. He remained close and in touch with band members Marvin Craig, Stephen Shockley, and Fred Alexander, Jr. all his life until his death in 2022. Lakeside's dynamic performances and unforgettable hits have left an indelible mark on the music scene, further deepening Haliya's appreciation for the arts and performance.

Haliya continues to write with a purpose, advocating for more diverse voices in literature. She believes in creating characters who defy stereotypes and resonate deeply with readers from all walks of life. Her work is a celebration of diversity, strength, and the richness of human experience.

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